A2 milk is pure milk obtained from the pure native breed of cows.

A1 milk is milk obtained from cows that are cross-bred. Many studies has shown that the presence of new element BCM-7 present in the cross-bred cows which is very harmful for your health.

Did you know that the milk in your fridge is A1 milk? The names are given based on the chemical composition of the milk proteins. Proteins are of two types in milk. Whey protein and beta-casein protein.

The smallest particle of protein is amino acids which is finally synthesised by our bodies and provides the necessary energy and nutrition to the body.

Hence protein is a long chain of amino acids.

  • In milk there are 209 amino acids joined together.
  • In the 67th position, if a component called proline is present. It is A2 milk.
  • If in the 67th position, instead of proline, another element histidine is present. It is A1 milk

Better than organic!
Actually organic cows are the cows that are fed on organic farms.

Organic farms are filled with crops that are brought from the market that says organic seeds and organic fertilizers.

Surabhi Farms is following Natural farming.

We do not use any chemicals like in organic farming.

We do not bring the seeds that says organic.

We prepare the natural fertilizers in-house and crops are let to naturally grow having high immunity and amazing yields. All our cows are fed on these. Hence our milk is natural and pure.

Note: Awareness about natural farming and getting back to our roots is propagated by sadhguru.

In general, when you consume cows milk, all the proteins should break down into amino acids and reach the cells. Few other protein parts will become inactive after reacting with acids present in the milk and excrete out of the body.

But the histidine present in the A1 milk reacts with opiods and forms a new element called histamine which contains BCM-7.

BCM-7 is the devil in the milk. Many health issues such as type1 diabetes, cancer, early maturation in female kids, hormonal imbalance, Sudden Infant Death syndrome.

All of these are related to the presence of Excessive BCM-7 in the bloodstream.

Note: Though consuming A1 milk is not the primary reason for these but definitely one of the major reasons.

To make things clear, once upon a time all cows produce A2 milk. That was the healthiest part of the Indian Food culture.

But Dairy industry has changed a lot over the years and to produce more milk, cows were crossbred, fed with antibiotics which started to leave a residue of all the mutation and antibiotics in the milk.

Your ancestors drank the right milk, A2 milk that came from pure desi breed of cows.

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